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Leading Healthcare Solutions

Physician Contract Review and Negotiation

Protect yourself before you sign on the dotted line!

Many physicians make the mistake of signing a contract without fully understanding its contents.

The physician contract service packages below are designed for physicians who need guidance during negotiations. Our physician and legal experts will review each contract for language, benefits and compensation plan. It doesn't matter if you are a newly graduating resident or a physician with 10 years of experience; you need our help during your next contract negotiation.

We offer multiple packages to suit your needs. The majority of our clients choose the Complete package.

We are confident that this small investment is well worth the price.


Service Package




Introductory Conference




Contract review by physician and attorney




Salary assessment, bonus, incentives




Benefits package assessment




Coaching for negotiation




Conference with attorney *




Attorney will negotiates on your behalf *





Designed for physicians with:

  • Previous business and legal training
  • Initial  employment contract
  • Limited legal experience
  • Employer willing to negotiate employment terms

Flat Fee


$1250 +

$2000 +


* Additional attorney fees may be applicable