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Leading Healthcare Solutions 

Leading Healthcare Solutions

Practice Assessment

To thrive in today's constantly changing medical industry, healthcare providers must adopt efficient, strategic business solutions. Many physician practices and healthcare organizations have highly inefficient workflow and business models.

Mycron Medical Consultants, LLC has the comprehensive knowledge, innovative services and trustful integrity to analyze and provide creative solutions to the evolving issues confronting your practice.

We will set up an initial consultation to understand the problems that you are facing. This initial service is free of charge to you. 

If you choose to use our consulting services, we will use our "SOAP Note" approach to practice assessment, which involves a comprehensive review of your practice. This method allows a familiarity for the healthcare providers because it uses the same principle used to evaluate and treat your patients. 

To assess the health of practices, Mycron Medical Consultants, LLC will review the operational and financial aspects of the practice, including:

  • Staffing
  • Workflow
  • Systems
  • Scheduling
  • Billing and Collections
  • Expenses

By gathering data, interviewing key staff, observing workflow and analyzing reports, we will provide an extensive summary report highlighting observations, findings and opportunities for improvement.

This comprehensive analysis report can be used in improving practice efficiency and financial performance. You can choose to integrate the solutions by yourself or further use our services to operationalize the changes.